Backing Minds

We are obsessed with identifying opportunities. Tight homogeneous networks create overvalued bubbles. We look around, beyond, and outside of those bubbles, as we have solid proof that countless fantastic ideas and entrepreneurs are undervalued simply because they don’t fit traditional start-up models. By investing in overlooked trendsetters and changemakers, we access new opportunities, ideas and markets.

Having battled the business world as entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand it takes a lot to build scalable businesses. The people we back don’t lack drive or skills – they simply lack the financial chance to get off the ground. We provide them with time, effort and networks so that they can grow and glow.

Our investors in BackingMinds are smart, visionary people who want to invest in the full potential of Sweden.

I truly believe in the potential outside of traditional networks. BackingMinds has access to entrepreneurs that established investors normally miss.

Lena Apler, Founder Collector Bank

Sara Wimmercranz

Born in Småland, Sara believes that her instinct to solve problems with a smile on her face runs deep in her DNA. When she was a kid she dreamed of becoming the next Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, and just like him she has never done things by the book. Making money out of everything from picking stones to selling shoes, Sara most recently was a founding member of Footway, the largest shoe e-retailer in the Nordics. In addition, she was part of the senior management team at Internet pioneer LensWay, invested in the Springfield Project and she is currently on the board of listed RnB. Stockholm has been her home for several years, but she has never abandoned her accent nor her outsider spirit. One of her dreams is to ensure all people count, no matter where they live or where they come from, and she believes that technology is the tool that will take her there.


Susanne Najafi

Susanne was born in Rinkeby, a suburb of Stockholm, with roots in Iran. She competed with her father in everything throughout her upbringing, and despite the size difference he never cut her any slack, reminding her, “You win when you win. Real life will never give you any special treatment.” That relationship shaped her personality, driving her to study at the Stockholm School of Economics. During her studies, she started a subsidiary for Oriflame in Iran and got a first taste for entrepreneurship. She then traveled the world making a marketing career at Procter & Gamble until she broke her neck in a skiing accident, a defining moment in her life. She decided to realize her dream and become an entrepreneur, and since then Susanne has started more than four companies, mainly within e-commerce and tech. Setting her sights high, she had a goal of reaching a 100 million SEK turnover before the age of 30, a dream which was fulfilled at the age of 32 with her company Eleven, one of the Nordic’s largest online beauty retailers. She is currently on the board of listed Stockmann and Lindex. Susanne has always had a passion for driving change and has also founded RefugeeAir and #Letthemfly an initiative driving safe routes for refugees.