We are an aging population and as a result, prevalent commons diseases push the related societal costs through the roof. Many of these diseases could be mitigated, or even prevented, with simple means if discovered at an early stage. One example is osteoporosis, which afflicts 50% of women and 25% of men over the age of 50. Today osteoporosis is commonly discovered in connection with a fracture and since it often strikes wrists, hips, vertebras and upper arms, the risk of remaining disablement is high. Annually in Sweden, more than 70 000 fractures caused by osteoporosis occurs and the total osteoporosis costs amounts to 300 billion in EU every year.

What many don’t know is that the mouth, throat and teeth are early indicators of many common diseases. At the same time, almost 90% of the population visit the dentist on a regular basis. Despite this, the role of dental visits has been limited to regular oral care and the industry still use obsolete tools and is yet to be digitalised.

Boneprox has found a way to overcome this gap. Through patented AI-analysis of already existing data, e.g. dental x-ray pictures, common diseases can be identified at an early stage and proactive interventions could be ordinated. This solution doesn’t only give the dentists increased revenue, but also contribute to an improvement of the public health. For patients, the personal distress will be limited with simple, preventive countermeasures like exercise, varied diet or medication.

The Team

That the mouth is the mirror of the body is a well-established fact among health professionals and was something Kjell Kärrbrink wanted to make use of with his background as a dentist. Back in 2005 he discovered a method to diagnose osteoporosis through dental x-ray pictures and ten years later his grandchild Anton, together with the brothers Theodor and Peder Remman, inherited the finding with the objective to commercialize it. Together with Shreya Desai, Head of Machine Learning, Boneprox is today on a trajectory to revolutionize the oral care as it is seen today. The team is located in Gothenburg and Oslo.


Backers’ Perspective

We at BackingMinds are convinced that proactive care will have an essential part in limiting the increased personal suffering from common diseases as well as reducing health care costs. But this will not be made with conventional tools but instead be driven by digitalization and tech. While the traditional health care has faced a huge disruption during the past years, dental tech is still in its infancy strangely enough.

The team behind Boneprox has found a way to bridge the gap between health and dental care by making dentists an important complement to early diagnose common diseases. With their plug-in solutions integrated with already existing dental x-ray systems, the company is a scalable company with huge potential. In addition to the osteoporosis analyses, Boneprox has built a Saas-platform where dentists get access to specialists. This solution supports an immediate resource of diagnose and treatment for other diseases, such as mouth cancer. With an innovation tapping into diagnostics, preventive care as well as women and elderly health while disrupting the dental industry, it is a company of the future.

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