Bricknode is a B2B focused SaaS-company that provides a highly scalable, fully cloud-based banking software solution for the backend infrastructure of financial institutions and financial services companies. By providing cloud based modules, they simplify the base functionality of a usually complex system, allowing companies of all sizes to digitalize their processes and focus on end-user value creation. The modularized offering contributes to complete flexibility and quick time-to-market, where deployment can occur instantly for Bricknode’s clients.

The Team

Bricknode was founded in Skövde, where the HQ is still located, in 2009 by Stefan Willebrand and a team with extensive experience in the financial institutions industries. Ten years later, they have grown to a team of 20+ employees and with further growth to be expected. Together, the Bricknode team has developed their ”one-stop-shop”-supply and complete back-end product offering for financial services companies. A process, which is likened by founder Stefan Willebrand as that of Microsoft when the personal computer was invented;

”An operating system needs applications to run upon it to be useful and much in the same way as Microsoft created office with different applications, we have created applications for brokerage, fund administration, lending, deposit taking and much more.”


Backers’ Perspective

In 2019, the global FinTech industry was valued at $5 trillion, with a CAGR of +20% the upcoming years. Several new actors have emerged, including market leaders such Klarna and Square, disrupting and digitalizing a traditional industry of incumbents.

Simultaneously, scaling issues among FinTech-companies have long been observed. With an omni-strategic channel presence and ever-changing market conditions, financial service companies are struggling to keep up-to-date with regulations, intensified competition and consumer demand. Costs to provide new services and maintain existing systems on a solid and user friendly way is increasing by the minute. Here, we believe Bricknode provides the holistic, flexible and scalable solution necessary to respond to these needs – for corporations as well as startups.

Their 20+ years of experience in the financial industry combined with 10 years of product development, have resulted in Bricknode’s exceptional offering directed to a diverse set of actors in the financial services sector. The company has thereby attracted multiple larger clients, including EastCapital, Nord Fondkommission and Sigmastocks. With a solid foundation and growing industry demand, the team is ready to scale their solution rapidly and to digitalize companies of all sizes – from startups to established financial institutions – globally.

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