Dynamic Code


Remote diagnostics has been an essential missing piece in the digitized health care value chain, up until now.

Dynamic Code

Dynamic Code develops certified and accurate self tests and services in health for private consumers, healthcare, and companies. Opposed to traditional health tests that normally require weeks, months or even years to carry out and get results from, Dynamic Code’s self tests provide answers within days. With full ownership of the technical and logistical value chain, the company was able to immediately adjust during the early phase of the Covid-19 pandemic and developed one of Europe’s first CE-certified PCR-tests. 


The team

The founders Anne and Björn recognized the potential for DNA technology early.  They realized they could develop flexible and efficient health tests for everyone, and as a result, increase the private individual’s control of her own health.

Both Anne and Björn have extensive research backgrounds in the fields of genetics and biochemistry, along with industry knowledge. They have a dynamic approach and are constantly seeking to improve existing technologies contributing to better health for everyone.


Backers’ perspective

In many countries, healthcare is overstrained and pressured, and there is a great demand to digitize the entire system through new technology. We believe in disruption in healthcare and started researching for new approaches that support the digital transformation that is happening right now. With the rise of digital care companies online, we found Dynamic Code and realized their potential immediately. Dynamic Code converts the latest DNA technology into accessible, modern products that not only benefit the private consumer but the entire system. They have developed DNA-tests for over 30 different symptoms and diseases and are continuously launching new products. Taking a test requires no interaction with doctors and the tests are sent by mail which makes them a perfect fit for e-commerce. Dynamic Code controls the entire supply chain, from research, analysis to final product, which is its greatest competitive advantage and opens up to scalability – just what we are looking for at BackingMinds.

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