Equilab – Previous holding

Equilab – Previous holding

There are 90 million equestrians around the world, out of which a majority are exercising with their horses on a high frequency. However, there have been limited ways for the equestrians to track and follow the horses’ improvements in a systematic- and data-driven way.

Equilab’s AI technology is tracking and analyzing the horses’ gait, stride, beat and distance to increase the equestrians’ control of the horses’ exercise patterns and to facilitate understanding of the improvement progress. In addition, Equilab has created a community platform for equestrians, a communication tool for stables as well as features for ecommerce and safety tracking.

The Team

Equilab’s co-founder Per Eriksson grew tired of the lack of smart exercise tools for his and his horse’s exercise progress and developed an algorithm to track their combined improvements. Together with the serial entrepreneurs Adam Torkelsson and Therese von Hackwitz, he founded Equilab 2016 in Trollhättan – a pioneering smart app to increase the equestrians’ control of horses’ exercise patterns.


Backers’ Perspective

Even though equestrians can be seen as one of the world’s most dedicated athletes, the area has been highly neglected by both technology developments and venture capital. We were excited when Equilab started out in Trollhättan and have closely monitored their progress ever since. For us, Equilab is as self-evident for ambitious equestrians as Runkeeper is for runners.

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