My passion is to create the most inspiring service, growing it country by country, for everyone who loves horses.


Monica, a horse owner and dressage rider with a former life in fashion retail marketing, realized that no premium riding fashion and equipment brands carried a digital presence. Rather than waiting for one to pop up, she chose to make that mark herself, creating an online marketplace for committed equestrian fans like herself. Step by step she built her online store HorseMeUp, giving brands like Pikeur, Eskadron, Cavallo and Equiline a remarkable digital platform from which to reach their audience. Today HorseMeUp offers 100,000 products, making it the leading reseller within the premium riding segment.


The team

Riders are physically and digitally devoted to their sport, know-how and service are key components for equestrian business growth.Monica and her team are impassioned riders themselves, they are genuinely knowledgeable and passionate about all things horse related. They attend fairs and competitions and are always in the know when it comes to the latest equipment and cutting-edge maintenance practices.

500 000 active riders make horse riding the 2nd largest sport in Sweden, implying great untapped potential.

Backers’ perspective

We discovered HorseMeUp via our Deal Find Model in February 2016. Apart from Monica’s fierce drive and in-depth knowledge of her target consumers, we identified her company as a fast-growing endeavor with the potential to reach exceptionally devoted customers that spend both substantial time and money on their passion. The company uses innovative technology to reduce warehouse costs and is creating strong efficiencies in marketing, with a well-defined influencer marketing model. The team is constantly improving working methods in the aim of providing impeccable customer service, an indispensable tool for success for us at BackingMinds.

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