Did you know that about 80% of the hiring managers in Sweden see language barriers as the biggest obstacles to employ a non-native Swede?


Lingio is a B2B Saas-company that helps non-natives to succeed entering the labor market with help from digital tools and courses. The company has language solutions for 25 professions where most are deskless, such as health care workers, bus drivers, construction and transportation workers. The customer base consists of private companies, municipalities, labor unions, and work associations such as Nobina, Kommunal and many more.

Motivational educational methods and gaming design, as well as smart AI tools for learning and pronunciation have enabled Lingio’s course participants to perform 12 times better on average compared to students that use other industry products. The e-learning tool is adapted to all levels of education and has built-in translation support that translates the course content into the participant’s native language. The +200k language exercises are inspired by everyday workplace situations, and so far over 8,4m exercises have been completed.

With a proven track record in Sweden, Lingio is now heading towards an international expansion and will continue to invest in product development and AI-solutions that further meet the needs of the future labor market.

The Team

Lingio was founded by Yashar, Morten and Per-Olov in 2015 during the immigration wave in order to allow foreign-born individuals to be able to more quickly and easily get integrated into Swedish society through e-learning tools and industry-validated language learning. Yashar himself came to Sweden when he was 7 years old, and from a first hand experience knows how difficult it can be to integrate in a new country.

With a background from EA Games, MTG and Spotify, the co-founders had previously been colleagues and what started as a volunteering project now has the potential to scale up to a company with a leading global position within the ed-tech sector.

Backers’ Perspective

Breaking down language barriers is incredibly important in order to speed up the integration in society through a profession. This is something we at Backing Minds truly believe in and we are therefore very happy to announce that we have invested in Lingio.

“Lingio is unique as they are building an e-learning language tool for so-called deskless workers. These professions, not executed from an office, constitute about 80% of all global professions. With a changing landscape due to automation, as well as increased immigration, this is a truly underinvested target group.“ – Sara Resvik, CEO & Partner at BackingMinds.

Further, Sara comments “Lingio is not only a user-friendly service that helps employees or future employees to learn the language, but it also helps make the workplace safer and more efficient. Integration in society and a more efficient company – what a win-win!”

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