‍We want to democratise technology and become the all-in-one solution you need to digitalise your business.


Serviceform is on a mission to bring ‘dead websites’ back to life by helping regular companies grow by engaging their website visitors with simple and effective digital tools. There are more than 400.000 companies in this customer segment in Europe only, where less than 1% today use tech tools for their business. With the slogan “Tech It Easy!” Serviceform paves the way for a world where professionals and businesses don’t need to be afraid of tech anymore.

Today, Serviceform has over 1500+ customers globally and is one of the industry’s fastest-growing startups with several different tools to increase customer revenue, including chatbots, live chat, pop-ups, lead bars, CRM, iOS and Android applications, web analytics and dynamic forms.

The Team

Serviceform was founded in 2018 in Finland by Iranthi Gomes and Jarkko Oksanen. The founding duo has previously run several companies in e-commerce and software development. While running a cool coffee business in Austrailia, the founders Iranthi and Jarkko noticed something: an absence of technical business solutions for nontechnical professionals.


Backers’ Perspective

Serviceform has found an interesting niche in more traditional companies, which are overlooked when it comes to digital tools. These companies have a hard time finding simple, smart tools to help them grow their business. With Serviceform, they can triple the number of leads in a short time. The potential for traditional customers to switch and use digital tools is still enormous.

Furthermore, the investment focus for VC companies is mainly tech companies, where there is also high competition. Still, we see that traditional companies with enormous potential in the digital transition have been largely overlooked. Besides an outstanding founding team and customers loving the product, this overlooked segment is another reason that makes this investment so interesting.

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