Backing great underinvested entrepreneurs

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Transfer Galaxy

To send money to loved ones is often perceived as inconvenient and expensive. This team of founders has come up with a blockbusting solution - a digital and instant money transfer service - making it cheaper and more simple than ever before to send money.

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Dynamic Code

The process for carrying out health tests is very long and inefficient, both for the private consumer and the general healthcare. Dynamic Code transforms the latest advances in DNA technology into accessible products contributing to better health and a more available healthcare system.

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Fast growing online store within fashion and equipment for Sweden’s 2nd largest sport; horse back riding. Founded in Västergötland by dressage rider, horse owner and former marketeer Monica Sjösvärd.

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Backing Minds, Susanne Najafi, Sarra Wimmercranz


We believe in the business of doing things differently. We look for potential in areas that others overlook. We find and back high-performing founders outside the networks of traditional venture capital.

For us backing is about more than money. Backing is a mindset, the desire to build bridges and roll up your sleeves. Backing is about being committed, about teaming up with founders. Backers are investors who go that extra mile, who care just that little bit more.

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We look where others don’t

We believe in the opportunities beyond hypes and bubbles, tapping into the overlooked and underfunded.


We are the supporting act

Entrepreneurs are the superstars. We exist to help them grow and glow.


Be who you are

Actions and results speak their own language.

Backing Minds, Susanne Najafi, Sarra Wimmercranz



DI Digital

Tungt backad fond ska hitta startup-succér bortom Stureplan

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Sara Wimmercranz och Susanne Najafi i hemligt riskkapitalprojekt

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