Backing overlooked potential

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Transfer Galaxy

To send money to loved ones is often as inconvenient as it is expensive. This team of founders has come up with a hassle-free solution - a digital and instant money transfer service - making it cheaper and more simple than ever to send money beyond borders.

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Dynamic Code

The process for carrying out diagnostic tests is very long and inefficient, both for the private consumer and the general healthcare. Dynamic Code transforms the latest advances in DNA technology into reliable self tests contributing to individuals’ increased control of their own health and a more available healthcare system.

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The founders behind TrusTrace have created an impressively holistic solution that enables brands to follow their products’ journey all the way from fiber to garment. Brands and Retailers can not only use the platform to improve data collection and analysis work, but also to visualize and communicate this data towards the end-consumers in a reliable and cost-effective way.

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Despite governmental requirements on health care providers to work preventatively, the lack of trained personnel and capacity in combination with long lead times, are causing the health care of today to largely engage in retroactive treatments. Apart from negative effects on the general public health, it also leads to increased medical costs. The team behind Boneprox is bridging the gap between health and dental care through an AI plug-in solution used to analyse regular dental x-ray pictures to proactively identify common diseases.

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The FinTech industry is booming, valued at trillions of dollars globally. Scaling is simultaneously halted by an increasingly competitive landscape, regulatory requirements and rapidly changing consumer demand.
Having spent 10 years on developing and refining their complete, modularized and fully cloud-based platform for the back-end infrastructure of financial services companies, Bricknode offers the solution that allows businesses to focus on end-consumer value creation.

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Up until now, horse riders have had a hard time tracking their horses’ development and reaching their established goals. Equilab’s smart app is deepening the connection between rider and horse by making hidden information about their training visible. Through AI technology, the horse’s gait, beat, stride as well as distance will be tracked and actions will be compared with results. On top of that, they are creating a community- and ecommerce platform for riders and communication tools for stables.

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Denjo Dogs

There is a gap between the sophisticated demands of highly engaged pet "parents" and the outdated market for pet products. Denjo Dogs utilize this opportunity by creating an inspiring purchasing platform with a diverse range of premium pet products that combine sustainability, functionality, and design.

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Virkesbörsen is Sweden’s first and only digital marketplace for timber trading which in Sweden alone has a turnover of 30 billion SEK. The founders digitize and transform one of Sweden’s largest industries: the forest industry.

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Fast growing online store within fashion and equipment for Sweden’s 2nd largest sport; horse back riding. Founded in Västergötland by dressage rider, horse owner and former marketeer Monica Sjösvärd.

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We believe in the business of doing things differently. We look for potential in areas that others overlook. We find and back high-performing founders outside the networks of traditional venture capital.

For us backing is about more than money. Backing is a mindset, the desire to build bridges and roll up your sleeves. Backing is about being committed, about teaming up with founders. Backers are investors who go that extra mile, who care just that little bit more.

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We look where others don’t

We believe in the opportunities beyond hypes and bubbles, tapping into the overlooked and underfunded.


We are the supporting act

Entrepreneurs are the superstars. We exist to help them grow and glow.


Be who you are

Actions and results speak their own language.


Di Digital

Umeå-bolag läker hjärnan med ar-träning

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Backing Minds investerar 8 miljoner i Brain Stimulation – digitaliserar rehabilitering av Stroke

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Efter första fondens enorma värdeökning siktar nu Backing Minds på Europa

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Dagens PS

Flera tunga profiler backar upp deras nya fond

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Backing Minds stänger ny fond på en halv miljard kronor

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Financial Times

Swedish fund sets sights on venture capital ‘blind spots’

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